Career Camp [2024]

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What is Career Camp [Summer 2024]? 

Career Camp is a free, one-week online course that will introduce high school and college students to basic career exploration skills and experiences. In summer 2024, Career Camp will run:

Why should I consider attending Career Camp?

Career Camp introduces high school and college students to career options and choices, but more importantly, the idea that preparing for a career will make you happy and fulfilled in the long run. It can be hard to see yourself in the future and understand what you want to do in life. Career Camp gives you perspective and skills to start exploring what that looks like. School counselors and other programs can usually help you gain certain skills and experience in a particular area, but Career Camp also helps you understand how it all fits together and how to better understand yourself.

What should I expect from Career Camp?

Throughout the five days of Career Camp, students will be exposed to new frameworks, ideas, and speakers. We will use group activities, individual reflection time, and interactive exercises to learn career exploration skills and apply it to areas of your own interest. We will also hear from a guest speaker each day. Your "homework" is to do an informational interview with a professional that you will meet through Career Camp, and we will walk you through every single step. 

Is Career Camp only for young adults who know exactly what they want to do in the future? What if I'm undecided or not sure what's out there?

Career Camp is perfect for both kinds of people! If you have a strong sense of what you'd like to do in the future, Career Camp can help you figure out how to start on the path you have identified. If you are not sure what you'd like to do in the future (which is very common for both young adults and older adults at every point in their career), Career Camp is definitely for you. We will teach you the career exploration tools you need to start figuring out what the future looks like. 

How do I apply for Career Camp? 

Please click Apply Here! Applications will be accepted until Monday, July 1, 2024. You will need to supply personal information, create and share your LinkedIn profile, write a short paragraph on why you want to take Career Camp, and a few jobs and careers you want to learn more about. Students will need to supply a parent/ guardian's information if under 18 years of age. Everyone must commit to attending all five days of this course.

Okay, I still have more questions! What should I do?

Please send me an email at! You can also choose to book a 30-minute appointment with me at no charge to share your thoughts and questions. 

See you at Career Camp!

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